Test Drive Cycles
Test Drive Cycles cover
Developer Xantera
Publisher Infogrames North America
Released August 2000
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (max 2)
Ratings ESRB: E
Platform(s) PC, Gameboy Color

Test Drive Cycles is a 2000 video game within the Test Drive video game series where the player drives a motorcycle.

Gameplay Edit

Tracks Edit

Game Boy version has 24 tracks in 12 real world locations, with ramps to perform killer jumps.

Vehicles Edit

There are 35 licensed motorcycles with multiple upgrade packages and color schemes. Vehicles are classified in Cruisers, Musclebikes, Sportbikes categories. such as the 1999 kawasaki ZX12 with 1200cc the fastest bike in the game so far.

Cancelled Playstation, Dreamcast and Windows versions Edit

Playstation and Dreamcast was to include 30 licensed bikes, 12 tracks, DualShock controller support.[1] And, Microsoft Windows version will be includes hidden shortcuts. However, the game was cancelled.

Reception Edit

Marc Nix of IGN rated the Game Boy Color version a 4.0 (poor) for mediocre game play.