The Ferrari F40 is a car used in The Duel: Test Drive 2 , Test Drive: Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited 2 , and Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends.

The Duel: Test Drive 2Edit

Price: $ 260,000

0-60: 3.90 Seconds

Top Speed: 201 MPH

Test Drive: UnlimitedEdit

Price: $ 400,000

Class: B

Test Drive Unlimited 2Edit

Price: $ 360,000

Class: C1

Acceleration: 84

Speed: 63

Braking: 63

Handling Difficulty: 3

Top Speed: 201 MPH/ 323 KM/H

0-60 MPH/0-96 KM/H: 3.67 Seconds

Power: 478 Bhp

Repaintable?: No

Stickable?: Yes

Tunable?: No

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing LegendsEdit


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